About Vuyani Dance Theatre

Vuyani Dance Theatre

After years of gracing international and local stages, VDT is positioned as one of the most cutting-edge, thought provoking and successful dance and theatrical organisations to have emerged in Africa. VDT is spot-on regarding its artistic objective of producing work that questions and challenges social values while, simultaneously, exploiting history as a launch pad for (material) research and development.

Various themes of concern to young people are also addressed through collaborative methods and forms that involve music and dance styles that are in keeping with the performers’ own lives. Vuyani Dance Theatre approach embraces – in a dynamic and theatrical way – the many tastes, the different motivations, and the diverse cultures that shape the uniqueness of the South African society. Such is achievable courtesy of a pool of diligent creators and dancers who invariably express themselves with artistic excellence.

The company has performed in Europe, the USA, Africa, Mexico and New Zealand. It has scooped top awards in South Africa for dance and choreography and has received international recognition and continues to do so.

VDT constantly finds co-creators and performers from all over the world. Hitherto, the interaction that includes ideas and empirical artistic participation has led VDT in the direction of efficacy. It can be stated without doubt, at the moment, that all who have been aligned (in turns) with VDT since inception have in one way or another gained from the organization.