All I remember is fireworks and glitter, traveling to Nigeria with a troupe of 27 performers. The event was the Dunhill Symphony of Fire and at a brief mention of the word ‘show’ we delivered a spectacle.

Moving Cities

A solo created on me for me by Ami Shulman, seeing myself in an Armani suite, pointed shoes and singing an opera and returning to Saturday night fever, is kind of complicated…

 Southern Comfort

Premeired at the Royal Festival Hall in London as part of Celebrate South Africa.

I just enjoy myself on stage with this piece of work, I laugh along with the audience, though I take the beating…I just love the simplicity of it though complex.

‘In this duet we see tradition and modernity, male and female, acceptance and resistance cast in witty opposition. Not a morality tale – just a glimpse of some issues at stake for artists in South Africa’. (Judith Mackrel – The Guardian)

‘A wonderfully entertaining duet premiered in London, wrapped up themes of conflict in humour and originality’.

(Nadine Meisner – Independent)

Tales off the Mud Wall

A collaboration with Faustin Linyekula from Congo, fascinating tale…

About our meeting, Linyekula observed thus: [I met Gregory over four years ago. I saw him dance, then heard him talk, and he heard me talk…and ever since we’ve been trying to get together and…do what really? I cannot exactly say. Perhaps all we wanted was to get together drink some beers and crack a joke or two. Or was it to share some of our stories?

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