A. In-house Training:
The training programme is constructed under the scope of dance skills, technique and choreography. The programme aims to give young people from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to excel in dance while developing a new generation of dancers, dance teachers and choreographers. VDT has expanded its contemporary dance vocabulary of movement and is forever altering the scope of contemporary dance by rooting its artistic works and training programme in contemporary social, political, psychological contexts which gives us an edge over our competitors This approach ensures that trainees have an understanding of dance techniques. Some of the key learning points include arts administration, creativity and improvisation.
The training programme ensures that VDT has a consistent supply of well trained dancers, choreographers and dance teachers.
The training programme is spearheaded by the well experienced artistic team which have the latitude to appoint external dance exponents so the apprentices may be exposed to the wider skills inherent within the larger contemporary dance discipline.

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